Transformers are designed by our expert engineers to meet the specific technical requirement of our customers. Transformer rating, Tapings, Voltage ratio, Impedance. Losses, Dimensions & Winding pattern and type of construction conform to Indian and International Standards.

Ruhi Electronics Transformer
Ruhi Electronics Servo Voltage stabilizer


Voltage fluctuation is a common phenomenon in the country. The industrial units which are running 24 hours, face the high and low voltage problem. 85% of the industrial load is of motors. Electric motors draw considerably high current at abnormal voltage. This higher current affects electrical motors in different ways.


Power control panels are critical equipment in all distribution related projects. Ruhi Electronics has executed many distribution and substations projects for prestigious client. The vast experience in this domain has given the company perfect know-how of the technology and processes involved behind quality executions.

Ruhi Electronics LT & HT Panel
Ruhi Electronics rectifiers


Rectifier is an economical and most efficient method of obtaining DC from AC supply. Ruhi Electronics manufactures a wide range of rectifiers which are suitable for Electroplating, Anodizing, Hydrogenation and many other Electrochemical processes. The entire manufacturing process is under one roof ensuring 100% quality control at every stage of production. We believe in quality & customers satisfaction.

AVR & Transformer 2 in 1

Even after the installation of standard off circuit distribution transformer, the voltage fluctuation on the LT side persists due to limited range of voltage correction of the transformer to control the voltage fluctuations, it is ideal to install Servo Controlled Automatic Voltage Controller either on LT side or HT side.

2 in 1 Transformer + AVR
Ruhi Unitised Substation

Unitised Substation

Ruhi Electronics offers a qualitative range of PSS (Package Substation) or USS (Unitized Substation) Transformer from 200 KVA to 2000 KVA in 11 KV Class. These Package Substations are largely required for fire hazardous and compact places. A unitized substation is a compact arrangement, which simplifies conventional substation design.