Ruhi Electronics Servo Voltage stabilizer

Voltage fluctuation is a common phenomenon in the country. The industrial units which are running 24 hours, face the high and low voltage problem. 85% of the industrial load is of motors. Electric motors draw considerably high current at abnormal voltage. This higher current affects electrical motors in different ways.
Higher current produces higher losses in electrical motors, which causes premature failure of winding insulation. It increases the losses of electric motors and other associated equipment’s.
This higher current of electric motor requires higher setting ofoverload relay to avoid frequent tripping of motors. Higher setting of overload relay have very little safety margin against single phasing &mechanical faults.

  • CORE

The core is built from low-losses cold rolled grain-oriented (CRGO) annealed steel sheet Cores are fabricated with maximum numbers of steps so as to utilize the maximum area in winding


Coils are wound with paper covered (MAKE JAPANESE) electrolytic grade copper strip or synthetic enameled copper conductors, proper& sufficient Cooling ducts to keep the hot spot temperature as low as possible Coils are dried in electric ovens. Rigid connection, proper support and coil clamping is provided to ensure high short circuit strength


The tanks are fabricated from of M.S. Sheets with adequate thickness, Bracing and stiffeners are provided to reduce internal radial pressure. All the external and internal surfaces are given a primary coat of primer (ZINC CHROMATE PRIMER YELLOW TRANSFORMER OIL RESISTANT) and finishing coat of paint for better life.
Oil duly tested for resistivity, dielectric and acidic characteristic conforming to IS: 335:1993 are used.


Stabilizers are guaranteed for a period of 5 [FIVE] years from the date of sale, against any manufacturing defect or bad workmanship. Any component going defective during the above period shall be made good / replaced free of cost.

Servo Voltage Control Stabilizer

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