Ruhi Electronics Transformer

Transformers are designed by our expert engineers to meet the specific technical requirement of our customers. Transformer rating, Tapings, Voltage ratio, Impedance. Losses, Dimensions & Winding pattern and type of construction conform to Indian and International Standards. Our transformers are designed to withstand most stringent tests like Short Circuit test and lightning impulse voltage test. In addition to the above products pass through our inhouse process check during each predetermined manufacturing stages. Our Purchase and quality depth. ensure procurement of best quality raw materials. In addition to this, we ensure in-process check during different manufacturing stages.

  • CORE

The core is built from low-loss cold rolled-grain oriented (CRGO) annealed steel sheet. The cores are assembled with the help of special jigs and fixtures to maintain minimum air gaps, a compact assembly and minimum noise level on energization. The core is finally clamped with the help of a specially designed frame to maintain specific pressure as per design. The grade of the core materials is selected to meet the guaranteed performance parameters no-load and to avail maximum flux density as per relevant standards (IS/IEC). Cores are assembled with maximum numbers of steps so as to utilize the maximum area in the winding.


Distribution Transformer 11Kvato10Mva Of Line Voltage 11Kv & , 33Kv
Isolation Transformers 1 Mva
Special Purpose Transformers Any Kind Of Step Up/ Dn Transformers For, Any Type Of Load
Automatic Servo Voltage Stabilizers Upto 2500Kva For Low Voltage Class
Rectifiers For Dc Applications Upto 5000 Dc Amp
Transformer Built-In Avr 11Kva To10Mva Of Line Voltage 11Kv & ,  33Kv

Tanks are fabricated out of good quality steel sheets and special attention is paid to avoid unnecessary welds to reduce chances of leakages The quality of steel workmanship and pressure testing of welding joints ensure top quality leak-proof container for the efficiently designed transformer core- coil assembly Tanks are provided with pressed sheet radiators, fabricated out of good quality steel sheet All metallic surfaces of tanks, radiators, and conservators are thoroughly cleaned All the external and internal surfaces are given a primary coal of ZINC CHROMATE PRIMER respectively (TRANSFORMER OIL RESISTANT) and two final coat of paint for belter life


Quality control activity starts right from the selection of most suitable raw material. We procure the best quality material from reputed manufacturers/suppliers of India. Our QC department checks the material & its performance at every stage of the manufacturing process


Transformer is warranted against manufacturing defect and faulty workmanship RUHI ELECTRONICS products are designed for trouble-free service for a long period of time. However, each and every transformer is supported by an excellent team of our technical staff/executives who are always eager to serve & support around the clock and are known for their prompt service.


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