Ruhi Unitised Substation

RANGE: Up to 2000 KVA in 11 KV line voltage

Ruhi Electronics offers a qualitative range of PSS (Package Substation) or USS (Unitized Substation) Transformer from 200 KVA to 2000 KVA in 11 KV Class. These Package Substations are largely required for fire hazardous and compact places. A unitized substation is a compact arrangement, which simplifies conventional substation design. Substation housing is divided into three compartments i.e. the HV Compartment, the Transformer Compartment and the LV Compartment.

  • Advantages

    • Reduced electrical losses as USS can be installed near load centers.
    • Total economy in cost.
    • Higher degree of safety and operational reliability is achieved by HT and LT switchgears and protective relays to avoid overloading.
    • Reduction in logistic cost as USS is delivered as a single unit.
    • Low civil / foundation cost.
  • Features

    • Superior aesthetics.
    • Easy for transportation.
    • In accordance with IEC 62271.
    • Operating lease.
    • Minimal moving parts and maintenance.
    • Wide range of factory-designed options.
    • Meets IP23D degree of protection as per IEC 62271.
    • Suitable for adverse temperatures and weather.
    • Factory-built and ready for network connection.
    • All compartments are provided with illumination.
    • Ready for installation and commissioning.
  • Application

In installation like – buildings, housing colonies, shopping malls, IT industry, Construction sites, Mobile substations, Wind energy, Utilities, Gas stations. The USS also can be installed on rooftop or basement with cross ventilation.


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